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Literature reviews, reference management (e.g., EndNote library), study design, scholar interviews, stakeholders interviews, ecosystem services assessment, solutions and alternatives assessment, field studies.


Annotated bibliographies (descriptive and evaluative), study interpretations and research summaries, critiques, best management practices, scientific and science communication writing.


Review and interpretation of policy and regulation, wildlife management plan assessment, letters to government officials and stakeholder groups, explanation of regulatory frameworks set out by governing bodies (i.e. local, provincial, federal, international).

Species at Risk

Overview of species at risk status at each level of government (i.e., international, federal, provincial). For example, NatureServe Global Conservation Status Ranks, the Canadian Species at Risk Act (SARA) and The Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada (COSEWIC), and any provincially dedicated legislation.

Data Evaluation

Statistical analysis (R, S-Plus, SPSS), advanced excel data applications, graphs, figures and data interpretation.

Mapping & Visualization

ArcGIS map creation, ArcGIS Story Maps, interactive GIS mapping, aerial and satellite image analysis, topography and bathymetry analysis, biogeography.

Work Samples:

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